Virtual RP Server Rules

Below you will find a list of rules for VirtualRP. These rules are pretty standard, and we believe that every member of our community that actively wants to be here, should understand them.

All staff have final says in decisions, regardless if you agree with them or not.

General Guidelines

Age Requirement

Players on VirtualRP must be of 17 years of age, or older. We understand that this is a video game, but we strive for SeriousRP, and we just believe for quality of role-play sake that, an age requirement is necessary. If you can prove to be more mature than your age, and actually be involved in strong RP, we may make an exception.

Potential Punishment: Removal from VirtualRP Server & Discord.

Working Microphone

All players are required to have a working microphone. If you’re having issues with this, make sure you change your sensitivity up on FiveM, as it usually needs to be fully up to catch your voice.

Potential Punishment: Removal from server until you fix your microphone.

Toxic Behaviour, Remarks, and Bullying.

Any toxic behaviour towards anyone in the community is not tolerated. If you decide to be toxic, or if you decide to be racist or bully people in-city or in the Discord you will immediately be removed. We're acting like grownups here, we suggest you do to. If anyone is toxic/racist please report it immediately.

Potential Punishment: 7-Day Removal or more.


While we shouldn't have to put this in the rules, we will for sake of clarity. If you're caught exploiting any issues within the server you risk being removed permanently from the community. If you find an exploit please DM one of the staff members.

Potential Punishment: Permanent Removal.

Low-Effort RP

VirtualRP expects its citizens to put effort into their roleplay. Constantly killing locals, running from police, robbing stores without saying a word is considered low-effort RP.

Potential Punishment: 3-Day Removal.


Any information gained from an outside of game source is considered Meta-gaming. This includes Discord chats or any other means of communication that isn't in-game. This includes asking if Police/EMS are online via Discord. RP should stay within the server. We understand community members like to play with their friends and hang out in group Discord/TeamSpeaks. While this is allowed, please remember that you need to keep the game in-game and the outside communications outside of the game. This includes watching streams / stream sniping.

Potential Punishment: 7-Day Removal

Power Gaming

Any attempt to force ideas, or actions on an individual is considered power gaming. There must always be an option and should never be forced down a single road. This includes forcing a person to jump to their death, with no alternative.

Potential Punishment: 7-Day Removal

Discord Regulations

Contacting Staff

Staff are in VirtualRP to help. However, contacting staff for questions regarding VirtualRP’s password, or something that can be answered in our #main-support channel is just not needed.

Potential Punishment: Warning + Possible Suspensions.

In-City Rules


You are expected to look at our Player Guide, and understand the keybinds, jobs, and commands of this city. If you’re not sure how to do something, figure it out before engaging in RP.

Potential Punishment: 7-Day Removal

Blacklisted Vehicles

All Emergency Vehicles (Police/EMS/Military) are completely off limits. Entering these vehicles can, and will result in a kick. Continuing to break this rule will result in you being removed from the city permanently.

Potential Punishment: 3-Day Removal

Emergency Service Clothing.

All Emergency Service clothing is prohibited from civilian use. This includes all Police, EMS, and Military clothing.

Potential Punishment: 3-Day Removal

Disallowed forms of RP

Suicide, and Sexual RP are not allowed in VirtualRP. There are no exceptions.

Torture role-play is only acceptable if all parties agree in an OOC format beforehand, and the role-play cannot happen in a public location. If you do not have permission from the other person in this scenario and try to force this scenario on them, you will be removed from VirtualRP.

Potential Punishment: Removal from community

Instant Death Match (IDM/VDM/RDM)

Instant Death Match refers to any killing of an individual without RP. This is not going to be tolerated, as we’re here to RP, not shoot people.

Potential Punishment: 7-Day Removal


You must ALWAYS value your life. If someone points a gun at you, they are in control, and it’s just that simple, the only people capable of pulling a gun out when one is drawn on them are combat trained police, as they have been trained for these situations.

Potential Punishment: 7-Day Removal

Job Vehicles

You must use the vehicle supplied to you by the job that you are doing. Ex. You may not use a pickup truck to do a logging job that provides you with a semi and a trailer, or do a taxi job with a motorcycle. Use common sense.

Potential Punishment: 7-Day Removal

Unrealistic Driving

We expect our citizens to drive realistically. There is a great difference between reckless driving (running lights etc.) and unrealistic driving. Examples of unrealistic driving include;

  • Jumping vehicles, taking an unsuitable vehicle offroading, and ramming your vehicle into other vehicles with no RP.
    Potential Punishment: 7-Day Removal

Military Base

The military base, and aircraft carrier are blacklisted zones/ vehicles. Simply put, don’t go there.

Potential Punishment: 3-Day Removal

Cop Baiting

Committing crimes with the direct intention of getting police attention will be considered cop baiting.

Potential Punishment: 7-Day Removal


Currently, once you're in custody - you are in custody. There are currently no ways to escape from prison, from Mission Row PD, or from the custody of an officer in his cruiser. Friends showing up randomly to try to get you out of custody ends up with meta-gaming suspicion and reports. So for now, there is no jailbreaking, once in custody, you stay in it. Attempting to force a Police Officer to release your friend from custody is forbidden.

Potential Punishment: 3 Day Suspension

Third Party Communication (Discord/TeamSpeak)

You are allowed to use TPC while in-game, however you MUST double bind your push to talk so that people in-game can hear you talk while you’re on your TPC, otherwise you’d be guilty of meta-gaming by using out of game content in-city.

Potential Punishment: 3-Day Removal

OOC In VirtualRP

There is no OOC allowed in VirtualRP while in-game. That’s what our Discord is for. You are expected to remain in-character at all times.

Potential Punishment: 3-Day Removal

New-Life Rule

If your character is forced to respawn at the hospital, your character died. If your character died, he does not know what happened to him, everything that happened to him before he died is history, and there is no way for you to know who did what to you. If you are caught breaking this rule you're meta-gaming because obviously OOC you know what happened to you, then you will likely get a few days off in the city.

Potential Punishment: 3-Day Removal

Green Zones (Safe-Zones)

The following is a list of the green zones in VirtualRP. All of these zones are to be free of hostile RP, PVP, or any forms of violence. If you are part of a situation you cannot go into a green zone and expect to be safe, as that's just metagaming and using your knowledge of the greenzones existence to try to hide from RP. Most of the green zones are locations that people Have to go in order to get things to function.

  • Vehicle Garages
  • Train Station [New Player Spawn]
  • Job Center
  • The Motel [The entire area from the Motel down to the Motel Garage is considered a green zone due to the amount of traffic we have in that area]
  • All Banks [To prevent Low-Quality RP and people camping these locations/forcing people to withdraw money as that can create metagaming situations]
  • Clothing Stores
  • Job Locations (Starting/Processing/Selling Locations)
  • Vangelico [Added for clarification. Vangelico is a selling location for the miner job, however due to it being a high-traffic robbery location, this is only considered a greenzone if there is no currently active scenario ongoing when you arrive. If you arrive to sell your diamonds and there is a robbery going on, it is not considered a greenzone. However if you arrive and there is nothing going on there, this is considered a greenzone.]
  • Boilingbrooke Prison Exit // Parking Lot
  • Driving School
    Potential Punishment: 7-Day Removal
Verify Yourself : !vrpverified

Merryweather Robbery

The robbery is considered a high-stress situation. So consider this when going towards the area, as players will likely fire at you regardless of if they know you’re a player or not. Proceed with extreme caution.