Virtual RP Player Guide

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This is the player guide for VirtualRP. This guide will cover all the keybinds, and will be a basic guide for you to find your way around the city. This guide won’t instruct you on every aspect of the game, nor will it detail criminal activities. Criminal activities must be figured out through game-play, so do not ask how to do them, just simply go and find out.


  • View Player List - `
  • Toggle Seatbelt - K
  • Crouching - Left CNTRL
  • Sprinting - Shift
  • Take Cover - Q
  • Open Chat Box - T
  • Open Phone - U
  • Open Map - P
  • Point - B
  • Change Perspective - V
  • Surrender Animation - X
  • Turn On/Off Signal Lights "< , >"
  • View Inventory - F2
  • View Invoices - F7
  • Function Menu - F5
  • Speed Limiter - Z
  • Access Vehicle Inventory - Shift + L on owned vehicles
  • Access Furniture Inventory to place in Motel - "]" (Make sure when at laptop you open it and look behind you to see furniture choices to purchase)
  • Access Motel Keys - Shift + K
  • Toggle Voice Radius - Shift + Z
  • Open Handheld Radio - Shift + F1
  • Sell Drugs to Locals - H
  • Toggleable Hand-To-Radio Animation - "-"


When you load into the city, you will get a character select screen. Please fill this out properly, if you don’t put a realistic name, select your sex or put in a height your character may be wiped when we go over the database. Once you’ve registered your character, go to the plastic surgeon and clothing store to personalize your character.

If you’re having issues with your shirts clipping, turn T-shirt #1 to 15 and use Torso #1 as the shirt selector, and then just make sure to change your Arms #1 setting so they don’t clip with your clothes


The player hud that you see on your bottom left is as follows; Health - Armor - Food - Water - Oxygen - Stress

Armor value stays empty unless you buy/equip armor. Food/Water lower as time goes, if this meter goes completely empty you will pass out. Oxygen is for use under-water, ignore it otherwise.

Stress goes up/down depending on the activities that you do. If you’re overly stressed; drink soda, smoke a cigarette or medicinal marijuana to lower it.


Our speed limits in VirtualRP are as follows;

  • City, Paleto Bay, Sandy Shores - 55MPH
  • Highway / Freeway - 75MPH

Driving 30MPH over these speeds will be considered reckless driving.


Vehicles will always be stored unless they are already actively out within the world - You will get a notification telling you that the vehicle is not stored if it has already been taken out, and not stored again.


Press U to open your phone. To access emergency service, such as Police/EMS - hit enter on the “Telephone” button and then hit your left arrow. If you wish to call a different number, hit your right arrow. If you see backgrounds, or your phone number from another city, reformat your phone before use.


There are a few things you should do in this city before starting to role-play. Go to clothing store/plastic surgeon Go to the DMV and get your driver's license. Get a job, learn the city, and start role-playing.


The following is a list of the green zones in VirtualRP. All of these zones are to be free of hostile RP, PVP, or any forms of violence.

  • Vehicle Garages
  • Train Station [New Player Spawn]
  • Job Center
  • The Motel [The entire area from the Motel down to the Motel Garage is considered a green zone due to the amount of traffic we have in that area]
  • All Banks [To prevent Low-Quality RP and people camping these locations/forcing people to withdraw money as that can create metagaming situations]
  • Clothing Stores
  • Job Locations (Starting/Processing/Selling Locations)
  • Vangelico [Added for clarification. Vangelico is a selling location for the miner job, however due to it being a high-traffic robbery location, this is only considered a greenzone if there is no currently active scenario ongoing when you arrive. If you arrive to sell your diamonds and there is a robbery going on, it is not considered a greenzone. However if you arrive and there is nothing going on there, this is considered a greenzone.]
  • Boilingbrooke Prison Exit // Parking Lot
  • Driving School


If you are doing a job, you must use the supplied vehicle for your job. Example : Use a taxi, for a taxi job. Not a motorcycle. If available, you may purchase your own version of the vehicle HOWEVER it must match the job vehicle exactly. So use the truck with a trailer for the logging job, not just the truck, or expect consequences.


There are plenty of legal jobs to be found at the job centre. You have the following. All of these jobs have a salary, while some have payouts for delivering goods, some are also roleplay based. Fisherman Fueler Lumberjack Miner Garbage Collection Butcher Tailor Taxi [RP based] Burgershot Delivery PostOp Transport Unemployed


There are a few different things to note about the weapons you can use in VirtualRP. There are legal weapons, and black market weapons. The black market is hidden, and you’ll need to find that on your own time, no hints will be given anywhere.

It is legal to open carry, or conceal carry any pistol purchasable at ammunation. You will obviously need to buy a weapons license first.

Shotguns, while available at ammunation are illegal to open carry on your person in any part of San Andreas.

Black Market weapons are illegal to carry in your vehicle or on your person at any time.

If you are selling, or giving weapons to someone, DO NOT DROP THEM. Transfer them via your vehicle inventory. If you drop them, you risk them disappearing.


To turn dirty money into usable clean money, you’ll need to launder it first. Black money is illegal to have on your person, or vehicle at all times.


Criminal Activities, whether it be finding hidden locations, or doing tasks like making drugs and selling them need to be figured out in-city. None of that will ever be placed on the player guide.

The black market and Chop Shop locations are hidden.

Verify Yourself : !vrpverified


This player guide doesn’t instruct you on how to do everything in the city. All of the jobs, tasks or things you do in the city are things that are either common sense, or things you can learn by trying it. This isn’t a city where we hand you all the information, we want you to do things on your own.